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Website Tips / Advice

Your website is your most valuable employee. It works 24 hours a day, and it's main objective is to get you leads to grow your business.

How Many Adults Do You Know Who Use These Social Networking Sites?

Spcial Networking

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    Don't rely on a Facebook Page for your business. Facebook is  a social networking platform, not a search engine like Bing & Yahoo. Fewer people are using Facebook, yet over 90% of internet users use Google. Only 54% of Americans use Facebook more than once a day.
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    Don't Make your website too flashy. Starting in July of 2018, Google will give fast loading websites better placements in the search engines. Eliminate anything that moves, especially slideshows. A website is not a beauty contest, unless you're an artist. If you do want some flash, make certain it doesn't load on mobile. If you go to the desktop/PC version of this website you will see an entirely different experience.
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    Nothing in life is free. Stay clear of those "free" or very cheap websites. You will never own your website.
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    If you don't have a website, put something up now. Even if it's just one page. It takes a long time for Google to trust a new website.
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    Always Use A CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress. Over 30% of all websites use WordPress. It makes it very easy to change the design of your website and adapt with the times without losing any content. Be sure the final product is yours to keep. Ensure you have a full admin login and access to the hosting company. These are two different things entirely.

The most important thing about your website is knowing what keyword you want to rank on. If you are a painter you may want to rank on the term "painting company", or "painting contractor". Terms like that will pull local listings. Pay attention to who ranks for your terms. They can be beat.

Optimized Websites - New Or Existing

500 dollar website

This is a $500.00 website

I would consider myself a website architect rather than a website designer. Think of it as building a quality home. The first step is an architect, then comes the carpenter/builder. When it’s done you get the painter, whose job is to make a carpenter look good.

This is the same concept in web design, but few people are aware. Graphic designers are really good at design, but often lack the skills for the actual structure and development of the website. I’ve been using Photoshop since the 90’s, but I would never call myself a graphic designer. It’s just not my thing.

Fortunately today there tons of free artwork and stock photos to work with.

My advice to anyone who wants a classy website is simple. Have the website made clean and fast, then have a designer come in afterwards. This usually isn’t necessary, because the more design you have the slower your website will be.

When I build websites, I pay close attention to the speed of each page. This is a huge ranking factor these days.

Quick Speed Tips

If you want to measure your site speed, only use the Google Speed Tool. Don’t use those other websites because you will fall into a rabbit hole. It’s important to know what Google thinks of your website.

So go ahead and check your site, then check your competitor’s website (if you have one).

Website Speed Test

The speed of your web pages are very important for ranking purposes

I like to keep my site speed around 7 seconds because my competitors in my niche are over 13 seconds. If needed I can get it to 5 seconds. 

Your homepage is most important, but you also need to check you other web pages. Google looks at every web page differently, as if it’s an entirely different website. 

One of the biggest reasons why websites slow down is too much design. This not only slows down your website, but it also confuses your audience.

Nothing should move on your website unless it’s very subtle. Also, do not have header slideshows. Nobody sits back and watches it, and it slows your website down. If you notice most major ecommerce sites like Staples, Home Depot & Lowes will never have animation or slideshows. The don’t for a reason.

Certain page builder plugins for WordPress are very heavy, and many companies use them to build websites.



Website Theme Templates

I use Thrive Themes, and we have an agency licence so there is no cost to you. I highly advise you to check them out. Don’t waste your money buying premium themes. They look good but they are very heavy. Most often you will not have the content to match what you purchased.

Thrive themes also has some really cool plugins. As you grow the digital side of your business, there are so many things you can do.

Website Cost

The cost of an average 5 page website is around $300.00. Shopping cart websites are $500.00 like the example above. The Cannalivity site uses Woocommerce as a shopping cart tool, so it’s a bit more to set-up. I highly recommend Woocommerce. It’s very user friendly and almost anybody can add and edit products into your website.

If you would like a specific quote, you can contact me here.

Website Hosting

I do not host websites because I feel it’s deceiving. Most agencies who host your site are simply hosting it somewhere else and charging you more. I recommend WP Engine is you are serious about this. It’s $30.00 a month which is 3 times higher than most, but they have an awesome product.

If you’re not serious about your business you can find a $10.00 a month host and have your website hosted on the same server with thousands of other websites.