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Let’s first remember what a website is for. It’s not to impress your friends or your potential clients, it’s simply to sell your product or service. It’s like having an employee.

There are just a few things you need on your website to prosper, and only a few pages. You may currently have a website with many pages. Go ahead and look at your analytics, you will see the vast majority of your visitors don’t visit most of them.

I recommend you read this, even if you hire someone else. You may even want to do it yourself.

A proper website that will function needs the following:

Proper Formatting

Proper Website Formatting

A strategic title tag, proper use of H1 and H2 tags, a good amount of text and relevant internal links to your sales/landing pages. This is very important because this is how we tell search engines like Google who you are and what you’re about.

Clear Phone Number

Clear Phone Number On Website With Click To Call

Your phone number should be clear on every page because many people still prefer the phone over emails. The phone number should also match all of your profiles on social media and your Google My Business Page, and must be displayed as text. It’s OK to have your phone number embedded in an image, but you need a text version as well. Search Engines aren’t very good at reading images. It’s also very important to have “click to call” enabled for your mobile phone customers. This makes it easier for them.

Address On Every Page

Your address should be on every page in text

Having a legitimate address on your website helps you convince Google and other search engines that you aren’t a spammer. Like the phone number, this should be in text as well. Most people put it in their footer and their contact us page. This alone will give you huge amount of free traffic from Google local searches.

Related Content In Text

Relevant Keywords and website content

If you’re a plumber in Plymouth your main keywords will be “Plumber” and “Plymouth”. That should be your homepage focus and those keywords should be in your title tag and mentioned in <H> tags on your site. Not too many times though.

Having A Mobile Friendly & Fast Website

Mobile Friendly

It’s been a few years since mobile searches have surpassed desktop/laptop searches, so it’s important to have a mobile responsive website. It’s also important to have a relatively fast website. If you have a current website now, try running it through this Free Google Speed Tester. You can also run your competition’s website there. Don’t be too concerned with mobile speed, as long as it’s over 60% you should be ok. A look at your analytics can confirm that. It’s also important to have a click to call button on your mobile website.

About Us Page

About Us Page

Let your visitors know you are human. Tell them a little about yourself and/or your family. Don’t be afraid to post a photo.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are designed for visitors to “land on” from other sources. Especially in Social Media like Facebook. Every website needs a custom landing page to capture leads for what you’re trying to accomplish. These are also necessary if you plan on trying paid search. It’s also important to funnel your existing website visitors to a landing page. Notice on this particular one we are not encouraging a phone call? It would be a waste of time. We want them to fill out a comment form and ask everything you want, like:

  1. Name
  2. Estimate Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Cell Phone Number
  5. Email
  6. Type Of Project (There could be a drop down list to select from)
  7. Additional Comments:
  8. Anything else you want to ask

You Can Even Go One Step Further And Have Them Schedule The Time

Online Scheduling

Then, we send them and automatic email confirmation and you can cell them to confirm. You have all their details stored, no need to write anything down.

A Secure Website (SSL)

It’s been over 3 years now since Google announced that secure websites will boost a website’s ranking. If you look at this website, I’m secure. Check my URL, it starts with https://. I’m surprised by the amount of websites around here that haven’t updated. Back in the day, we only used this if we processed credit card numbers or other sensitive data. In Google’s eyes, email addresses are now very sensitive. If you don’t have SSL, people can easily intercept all information that passes through your site. SSL encryption is usually around $25.00 per year. Some good web hosting companies like wpengine.com give you free SSL Certificates.

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