Effective Video Advertising Using Custom Audiences

Video (pre-roll) ads have been around for quite some time. Many people I know tried it, yet didn’t for long because conversions were terrible. This is true, conversions and clicks are terrible.

Think about it. You’re trying to watch a video and you’re forced to watch an ad. Videos used to be a full 30 seconds, then Google gave us the skip option after 6 seconds. So put yourself in the viewers shoes. You are trying to watch a video and you see an ad. Are you really going t0 click and decide not to watch the video you were trying to? Of course not.

This is why videos are great for brand awareness. We use bumper videos for our clients. It’s a video that is only 6 seconds long. The mission is brand awareness.

Ford Dealer Bumper Video

The above video is part of a brand awareness campaign. We clearly let the dealer know to not expect a click to their website.

Who Do We Target?

  1. We serve these ads to anyone who was recently engaged on the dealers website. Car researching and buying can be a long process, so we want to remind people about Windward Ford.
  2. We also target anyone who is looking at other Ford Dealer websites in their area. It’s very effective.

In Market Shoppers

Google knows a lot about their audience, and you! They will never tell us who you are, only what city you live in and your interests. So it’s really your computer, smart phone or tablet they are sharing with us.

Google In Market Audience

This shows the audiences of all website visitors during the past 14 days, compared to the previous 14 days. There is a total of 75 different audiences if I was to show them all.

If you noticed this dealer’s top audience is used. This is very typical. Besides the fact that dealers also sell used cars, shoppers may also be considering new verse used. So they will end up in multiple audiences.

Ford In-Market Shoppers

If you look at the New Ford Shopper Audience only, you will see the audience is up.

All Sources

Ford In-Market Audience

This is showing the Ford audience from all sources. Direct, organic, paid, display, referrals and others.

Paid Search, Display & Video (Our Efforts)

In Market Ford Audience (Paid)

This is showing traffic from our efforts. As you can see, we are up 41%.

So How Are We Tracking Videos Ads?

It’s important to note, we are also doing display campaigns using the same remarketing and targeting methods. So there are two ways we track the branding efforts:

  1. Increase In Brand Searches: We look at impressions of the amount of people searching Google & Bing for the name of the dealership. In this case, it’s “Windward Ford”. We want to see an increase, and we are counting on the video advertising to raise these impressions.
  2. Dealership In-Store Visits: I know that most people will just show up to a dealership after they browse the website. Fewer people are emailing or calling dealerships, so it’s important to measure the amount of potential customers who visit a dealership.

The Numbers (Yesterday):

  1. Display/Branding Impressions: 30,533 impressions for a cost of only $74.67.
  2. Video Views: 8,415 views for a cost $59.67.

Saturday is the busiest day for car sales, so we want these buyers to consider visiting us before they go elsewhere. We are raising our hands!




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