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Facebook Ads Is Still Better Than Any Other Display Network.

Tracking Facebook Ghosts

Facebook Ghosts

There I said it, and I’ve been saying it. People think I’m crazy, but this is real. What I also liked best about Facebook Display is the way the ads are presented. They are mixed in with the user’s Facebook Feed, and they can simply scroll past it. So it’s not annoying.

Facebook Clicks Never Match Google Analytics.

This is true, and it will never change. There are only a few possible reasons why this happens:

  1. Accidental Clicks. People click accidently and hit the back button faster than the page loads. This means the analytics code wasn’t triggered so it’s a ghost.
  2. Slow Websites. Almost 90% of Facebook Ad clicks come from a mobile device. If the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load people will bail. Sometimes the analytics will be triggered, sometimes it won’t. Some are ghosts.
  3. AdBlockers. Many people use them, and some of the paid version strip the analytics code away, so you never know when they visit. Real Ghosts.

So This Got Me Thinking About Page Speed.

When we run campaigns for a business, we have to pick a landing page. Or maybe they have a WYSIWYG editor in the backend where we can build your own. Either way, you’re going to end up with a really slow page.

After visiting some websites where page speed can be measured, I realized this may be the problem. Many of these Facebook visitors are on mobile, going through their phone signal. This makes it even worse.

So I visited three different websites that tested the speed of any website or web page.

1) Pingdom (link)

2) GT Metrix (link)

3) Google Speed Test (link)

Warning, don’t drive yourself crazy with these results. Everyone does bad.

So I tested a few different website platforms that my client could us. These screenshots are from the first example, Pingdom.

Speed test

My client’s website vendor’s page speed. This is the page we’ve been alway using for Facebook ads. Note we look at the actual page, not the homepage (unless I linked to the home page)


My Speed Test

These are the results of the landing page I was forced to build on my own


As you can see I got the load time down to 1.45 seconds from 3.13 seconds. This may not seem like much, but it’s a huge accomplishment in the mobile world.

How did I do it?

1) I got another server and I added a sub-domain. This is a landing page for social media, it has nothing to do with SEO so I wasn’t scared.

2) Using the WordPress CMS, I built a landing page and stripped out all of the useless header crap, including title tags and anything else I didn’t need. The only thing I wanted to load in the <head> section was my Google Tag Manager code because that’s where all my magic happens.

Measuring With Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

Now I am measuring everything I possibly can. I’m using scroll depth trackers on both websites. I’m seeing what the heck people are doing with the embedded video on the landing page, and a whole bunch of things as you can see below. I can’t wait until month’s end.

Google Data Stdio Report

This baby is powered by two Google Tag Manager accounts, two Google Analytics accounts, a little jQuery a Google Data Studio.

I Can Go Deeper

I have to be patient though. If you look at the date range the month isn’t even half over yet. I will report back and report all of my finding. I will know how many real ghosts we had, and what the non ghosts did.



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