Custom Data Studio Report

By mike

Custom Data Studio Report


Google Analytics & Tag Manager Installation on your website with set-up of most popular triggers and goal conversions. You will also get a custom data studio report showing what is most important to you or your business.

This is how you lead the way to success in your business, and I will bet that your competitor isn’t doing this.

Once you find out what people are doing and where they are coming from, you can fine tune your digital efforts to focus on what is converting to sales.

Most vendors send out monthly reports talking about themselves, but they rarely compare with everything else.


More Data Studio Samples

Paid Search Audit With Google Data Studio

This was a car dealer group on South Florida. I have an extensive paid search background, so they hired me to audit the vendors they were currently using. This report is over 10 pages long, but after the one time set-up they won it forever. Unless they change website providers and/or analytics accounts they will always be able to use it.

Note the out of state and out of country paid search clicks? They had wasted 10’s of thousands of dollars in the past year by not checking on their vendors. Be careful of the “set it and forget it” vendors.

This is a one time set-up fee. There are no monthly fees and these accounts will be owned by you.