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Paid Search On Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Paid search campaigns have the biggest return on investment than any other digital marketing effort. When done properly, we can easily find the relevant keywords you should be bidding on and make it apply only to the specific regions that your businesses serves. The great news is everything is trackable in the digital world.Bing Vs Google pie chart

Google has by far the most amount of users, so it’s best to start there. If you’re new to paid search and you want to try it out, you have four options.

  1. Try It Yourself. If you have the time and willingness to learn Google offers free training.

  2. Hire a company to setup and manage your campaigns. Most companies will charge a 25% management fee with a $500.00 minimum. Budgets of over $4,000 will usually be a flat fee of around $800.00.

  3. Hire someone to set-up your Google Adwords Account, and you flick the on/off switches.

  4. Hire a Paid Search Professional as an employee.


Paid Search Salaries

Low Salary Range
High Salary Range

These figures come from Glass Door. It's a lot lower than I expected, but you will not find a good/dedicated one for less than $80,000. If you do they are just there temporarily until they find a better paying position. 

Option two or three would be your best option more than likely.

Tips On Finding Your Own

There are some basic geo setting in Google Adwords that Google recommends. I do not, and never have. It simply makes them more money, and effects your campaign in a negative way. 

Here is a good example. This is from a client of mine in Wareham, Massachusetts. They offer a product that sells to a specific area about 15 miles around their location. The product is something a customer will not drive many miles for because they can get it locally for the same price.

Geo Audit

Massachusetts Paid Search GEO Audit

85% of the $4,000.00 monthly budget was wasted on paid search.

The previous paid search vendor was serving ads mostly in Boston. In fact, 85% of their paid search budget was wasted with sloppy geo targeting. With the same budget, I increased their local paid search traffic by 85% resulting in more sales and opportunities.

Month to month paid search comparison

Previous Month Compared To Our First Month

There are many other factors and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to monitor. Most importantly, don't be focused or sold on CPC (Cost Per Click). Cost Per Conversion is what matters most.

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