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The internet is here to stay. I write about digital marketing and analytics. I have a sick fascination with it. Most people find it boring. I also wrote about cleaning my Koi Pond, it was a success. 

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Best Way To Snow Plow Long Driveways Yourself
What Should I Get To Plow My Driveway?It's been almost three years since I moved back from Miami to Carver,[...]
Understanding How Google Search Results Pages Work
Understanding How Google Search Results Pages Work Now that 2018 is here, many changes have taken place in the way[...]
Paid Search For Small Businesses With Small Budgets For 2018
Paid search on Google is one of the most effective ways to grow your business, but a paid search vendor[...]
Top 10 Mean Celebrities Of 2017
As 2017 fades away to 2018 here is a list of the meanest asshole celebrities according to "real" people of[...]
Wareham MX Motocross Track Directions
Wareham MX MotocrossToday was my first time there. My 5 year old grandson was racing for the first time. He[...]
Firewood In Carver, Ma
There's a new firewood supplier coming to Carver. The focus will be heat treated firewood (as opposed to kiln dried)[...]

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