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The internet is here to stay. I write about digital marketing and analytics. I have a sick fascination with it. Most people find it boring. I also wrote about cleaning my Koi Pond, it was a success. 

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AutoNation, Your Paid Search Is A Mess. What Are You Doing Here?
Autonation is the largest car dealer group in the United States, with over 300 stores coast to coast. This makes[...]
Using Keyword Clouds For Stubborn Google AdWords Clients
Most of my Google Paid Search Clients (Google Adwords) are still car dealers. I just can't seem to break away[...]
Men Of Facebook Are From Mars, Women From Facebook Are From Venus
If you think about it, Facebook is the only digital marketing source that truly knows the gender of their users.[...]
Tracking Facebook Ghosts From Paid Ads & Why Your Facebook Ads May Be Failing
Facebook Ads Is Still Better Than Any Other Display Network. There I said it, and I've been saying it. People[...]
My Friend Thought The Lorem Ipsum Text I Used On Her Website Was Italian
Do You Know What Lorem Ipsum Is? "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, et eum deleniti gloriatur, quis luptatum mandamus an[...]
How To Clear A Green Koi Pond in 2-1/2 Weeks
First I want to say I am not an Amazon Affiliate, not am I affiliated with any of these two[...]

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Cranberry Harvesting Is Here In Carver Massachusetts

It was 10 years ago when I moved to Florida. During that time, I clearly missed the seasons. It's just so sunny there, and we all end up taking it for granted. I officially moved back on May 5th of this year, mainly because I missed the seasons and it's so crowded down there.I lived in Miami and I do miss it, but Carver is home to me. I bought a house in South Carver that's [...]

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Measuring Conversions

Anyone with a website has probably looked at a Google Analytics account at one point. There is so much data to sift through, but 95% of it you will never use.Depending on your type of business, there are many ways to track conversions. Here are a few possibilities:Track Phone Calls from your website Track an online sale Track users who spend a lot of time on you [...]

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Part 2: The ROI Findings For The Used Car Dealer Case Study

Measuring ROI (Return On Investment) - How actual car buyers shopped for vehicles So the results are in. If you haven't read part 1 of the Used Car Dealership Advertising Case Study you should check it out so you'll know how we got this data. 150 Total Used Cars/Trucks Sold70 Used Cars 42 SUVs 26 Trucks 2 Crossovers 2 MotorcyclesSource OverviewLengt [...]

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How To Clear A Green Koi Pond in 2-1/2 Weeks

First I want to say I am not an Amazon Affiliate, not am I affiliated with any of these two products I mention. I posted this just to help other newbie Koi Pond owners like myself.13 Months ago I moved back to Carver, Massachusetts. The house I bought came with a KOI Pond that wasn't cared for very well by the previous owner. The woman I bought the house from was a middle a [...]

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