Think of your website as your top salesperson. Always remember this. It is not a beauty competition, it’s a tool to sell a product or service.

In a perfect world people would visit your website and either call or submit a contact form. These can easily be tracked and sourced. The problem is, fewer people want to give out their email address because they are afraid of spam.

This is why it’s important to measure engagement. There are many thing you cannot measure in Google Analytics alone without the help of Google Tag Manager. This is why I measure leads AND intent.

Measuring Leads & Intent With Google Tag Manager

Vehicle Detail Page

This is what we refer to as a VDP (Vehicle Detail Page) The red arrows indicate things you cannot measure with Google Analytics alone.

Car Dealers spend way too much money on digital advertising, and they are forced with noisy vehicle detail pages that have too many calls to action. There are only three things I want to achieve:

  1. I want the visitor to call so the dealer can stalk them until they buy or die.
  2. I want the visitor to submit a contact form so the dealer can stalk them until they buy or die.
  3. I want the customer to show up to the dealership and buy a car.

So I want either a lead or a sale. The problem is most people will visit a dealer’s website and simply show up at the dealership unannounced. This is why it’s very important to measure micro conversions.

Here is what I am measuring on this page above, with some data:

Video Views

I am not a fan of having videos on websites. So I track who clicks play, pause and who watches until the end. Here are the numbers from January 1, 2018 to yesterday:

23,473 Total Visitors

  • 83 people clicked the play button.
  • 63 watched 25% of the video
  • 48 watched 50% of the video
  • 40 watched 75% of the video
  • Only 37 watched the entire video.

What a waste of money these videos are. Nothing is free, and this probably cost the dealer thousands of dollars.

The following micro conversions cannot be tracked without the help of Google Tag Manager:

  • 1,486 users clicked to see the window sticker.
  • 382 clicked a carfax report.
  • 163 calculated their payment
  • 119 people engaged with the dealer’s trade-in tool.
  • 15 people logged in.
  • 1 person printed a VDP
  • 56 people texted the dealer
  • 696 mobile click to calls

The Importance Of Measuring Mobile Click To Call

This is clearly a good amount of phone calls. If you don’t have the correct markup in your code you will not be able to measure this.

It should look like this:

<a href="tel:5555555555">Call Us</a>

If you don’t have it installed properly, most mobile web browsers will make it clickable on their own, but you won’t be able to measure and source it.

Tag Manager Mobile Click To Call Trigger

Mobile Click To Call Trigger


I set up three different triggers and tags for this because I’m tracking sales calls, service calls and parts calls separately.

Tag Manager Mobile Click To Call Tag

I have this setup to push an event back to Google Analytics. The Event Category will be “BI”, the Event Action Will Be “Phone” & the Event Label Will Be “Sales Call”.

This is what the click to call event will look like in Google Analytics:

Mobile Click To Call Event Actions

Now we can source each call, and find out what traffic sources are bringing the most leads.

Sourcing Click To Calls

Every other event we enabled can be sources just like this. One of my favorites for the car business is the CarFax report trigger. When a CarFax is pulled from a used vehicle detail page, it’s an external link. So it cannot be measured eith Google Analytics unless you use tag manager.

The trigger will be similar to the click to call, but we’ll have to use a little regex because the url will always be different.

CarFax Tag Manager Trigger

The common url string for all CarFax links has “vehicleReport” in it. So using Regex, I’m telling the tag to fire when an external link is clicked that contains that string. I’m using .* to say it doesn’t matter what comes after it.


Sourcing CarFax Reports

To me, any user who looks at a vehicle history report on a dealer’s website is showing interest in a vehicle. So I want to know where they came from because I want more. I can also setup a remarketing audience and serve these people ads for the next week or two.

CarFax Report Sources

I manage paid search for this client so I believe in measuring everything I possibly can. All of these micro conversions can be scrutinized right down to the keyword I am bidding on.


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