Measure Advertising With ROI Detective

The only possible way to measure your return on investment advertising is to simply ask your customers. There is simply no other way.

Depending on your product or service, people choose you for various reasons. We find out what brought them to you, and what else brought them to you.

We also ask them other important things so you can learn about your area and how people shop. There is no other way to get a clear advantage over your competition.

On the tablet we can ask anything you want, and then we take the data and organize it for you.

Here is an example of a large car dealer group that carefully spends millions of dollars in advertising:

ROI Data

This dashboard starts out on a group level, then they can look at each dealership individually. Here we list the top 5 sources, and the top assisting source. Notice the top two? This just shows that if you take care of your customers they will come back and refer their friends.


Here are some examples of what you may want to ask:

Did you visit Our Website?

prePercentage of customers who visited website

This is a very important question because many companies have been mislead that everyone uses the internet for purchases. It’s simply not true. In this case, we know that 49% of this clients customers didn’t come from any kind of digital advertising that went to the website. We are finding out that other traditional methods still work, like newspaper and radio ads.

What Search Engine Does Your Customers Use?

Favorite search engines

Google is the king of search, but there are other search engines. Bing/Yahoo is the second biggest so it’s important to know what is popular in you area. This data is from a car dealer in Portland Oregon and they were considering Bing Paid Search. Common sense will say not to spend more than 10% of their paid search on Bing/Yahoo. The other 90% should go to Google.

What brought your customer to your business to make a purchase?

How did you get here

Fewer people submit contact forms these days because nobody likes to give out their email address.  31% of these car buyers called the dealership first, so if they’re using proper phone tracking these customers could be sources. The 31% showed up on their own. Luckily we know where they really came from because we asked:

Actual sales sources

So of those 48 car buyers who just showed up, 43.75% were referrals. Referrals are great because they are free! If your customer tells our tablet they are here because a friend referred them, we ask them their friends name so you can thank them later. People love to be thanked.

Contact us below to see a full demo of this ground breaking product. There is so much more to this including out ROI Calculator. You will be able to find out how much each sale/deal cost you and from where they came from. This is exciting stuff!

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