Get More Reviews

Let’s face it. The more reviews a business has the more it will show on Google searches. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad.

The problem is people need to be pushed a little bit to leave a positive review. When they are done doing business with you, they move on with their lives and your business is the last thought in their minds.

If they are upset, they don’t need to be pushed. They will leave a bad review with quickness, and unless you monitor this you won’t know for weeks until you happen to see it. I think we’ve all experienced that. That’s where reputation management comes in. You really should respond publicly to bad reviews, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

ReviewsI’m here to talk about getting people to leave reviews and making it as easily as possible. One thing you cannot do is have them leave a review in your place of business. Review sites like Yelp & Google will know they are there when the review was left, so it’ll get buried.

This is how we do it:

A Mobile Friendly Review Landing Page

Mobile Friendly Review Landing Page

The most important part is to build a fast loading landing page designed for mobile phones because the delivery will be a text message. Unless you had a really talented developer build your website, your website probably won’t cut it. That’s why we have superfast landing pages with minimal code, because if the You can go ahead and do a speed test and see for yourself. At the end of this article, I will give you some free tools where you can measure for yourself.

Remember, your customer already did business with you. So don’t waste bandwidth with unnecessary graphics, simply get to the point. You will ask your customer if it’s ok to send them a one-time text with this link, but you will wait until they are gone. Wait at least an hour, but don’t wait until tomorrow.

Make The Review As Easy As Possible

Depending on your type of business, review sites will vary. But Google & Yelp are the two biggest ones you need to be concerned with. Typically your customer will already be a member of one of these websites, that’s why it’s important to give them options. So when you link to each review, you need to go as deep as possible. In this case, I clicked the Yelp option on my phone, and it brought me to this:


Yelp Review Link

I have the Yelp app installed, and I’ve been using it for years. The link triggered my app to open, and it brought me directly to the page to leave the review. I simply select my star rating and type my review. Notice I don’t see any other reviews? This will help a business that had a bad review apocalypse. This happens frequently, and many times it’s the competition doing it.


Google Mobile Review

The same goes for Google. It’s very likely that your customer uses a Google service where they are signed in. The Google search app, Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail are the most common. When I clicked the link on my phone, this is where I ended up.

Your industry may have some specific review sites that need to be added, which is very easy and typical. But it’s OK to just have Yelp or Google.

Tracking Reviews

Tracking Reviews

This data is coming from a client that was averaging about 12 reviews every month on all of the review sites. The way we do it, this company is on pace to get 110 reviews this month. Some customers were so pleased they left more than one review.

Tracking Texts

Besides counting how many reviews you get, we can actually track by the phone number. Here is a customer that we’re tracking the texts that are sent delayed with a time stamp.

Tracking The texts


In two instances the customer didn’t want a text sent, which is fine. But the others get sent out 2 hours after they leave the business. We want them long gone away from the business location.

This is brand new, and it works.


Contact me for a full demo of if you have any questions.