Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

There are now thousands of internet marketing companies out there constantly blowing up your phone. We have the best tool available, we have proprietary technology, and many other lines.

The fact is, if you aren’t measuring all of your sources properly you’ll have no idea how good of a job they do.

With these two free tools from Google, it’s now possible to track and record your website visors right down to the action they perform on your website.

Now we can track and source the following:

Visitors Age

Website Visitors Age

Depending on your industry, there are certain age groups you want to target, and ones your don’t want to target



You may be in an industry that caters to one sex, like a nail salon. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to serve men those ads. But it may be a good idea to show men ads for gift certificates during the holidays. It’s important to know your audience.



Google knows a lot of information about their users. This is a good way to gauge the quality of your traffic.

Geo By State


Your visitor’s location can be tracked. This is very important if you are paying for advertising because often times the wrong visitors are sent your way, which you pay for.

GEO By City


Track your conversions right to the city along with how much value they bring to your website.


Measuring Goal Conversions

In this scenario I am measuring 12 different conversions and/or micro-conversions. 8 of these 12 cannot be measured without Google Tag Manager

Sourcing Conversions

Sourcing Conversions

All of this comes together giving you information your vendors wish you didn’t have. Not only will this help avoid wasteful ad spending, it’s the way to grow your business.