Campaign Precision Achieves The Google Partner Badge



During the last 90 days, our clients spent over $160,000.00 in Google Ads.

Anyone can get in the business of digital marketing by reading a few articles and taking the Google Exams, but experience is key. To qualify, a company must have at least 2 people certified and they must have a minimum 90 days ad spend (all clients) of $10,000.

This is very important in your decision on who to hire because experience matters. You don’t want to rely on a stranger to spend you money without experience.

Any Google Certification Badge must be a clickable script so you can ensure it’s real. It’s against Google’s Policy to simply add an image of a badge. It must be a clickable javascript that confirms the partnership. Like our badge will go here when clicked.

Always confirm a badge before you move forward with an agency.

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About the Author

I've been working in digital marketing since 1994. I'm the original founder of Showroom Logic based out of Miami Florida, which was the 26th fastest growing private company in the United States in 2015. It was also the fastest growing marketing company in all of the US. In 2016 I sold by shares and moved back to Massachusetts.