Top 10 Mean Celebrities Of 2017

| Mildly Interesting

As 2017 fades away to 2018 here is a list of the meanest asshole celebrities according to “real” people of Reddit. There have been numerous threads to look at so I am judging by upvotes and comments. Sometimes people make things up, like that one time a Redditor alleged this:   Comment from discussion Whose […]

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Wareham MX Motocross Track Directions

| Wareham

Wareham MX Motocross Today was my first time there. My 5 year old grandson was racing for the first time. He was very excited.The event was called the “Woodsocross”, held at Wareham MX in Wareham, Massachusetts.The first race of the morning started at 9:00am, which was my grandsons.It was great to see the little kids […]

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