What Should I Get To Plow My Driveway?

It's been almost three years since I moved back from Miami to Carver, Massachusetts. When I was looking at property to my prerequisite was nice sized piece of land and I wanted the home set back. I grew up in New England, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

Winters are unpredictable here, and having a long driveway meant thinking about snow removal.

quad with snow plow

First Winter Back

PLowing Snow With A UTV

I bought the house in May 2015, so I had plenty of time to find something used on Craigslist. In the warmer months you can find good deals on this type of stuff. I found this Kawasaki 750 Side-By-Side for under $10,000.00. It came with a plow and and removable cab cover.

Plowing Snow With A UTV

As you can see my driveway runs along a cranberry bog. The wind creates constant drifts, so even when the storm is over I often have to keep plowing.


The UTV is lots of fun, and everyone loves driving it. It's just not practical to have because there isn't anywhere you can legally ride them in Massachusetts.

It's hard enough to find a place to legally ride a quad. Sometimes you can ride them at Wareham MX.

UTV Snow Removal


  • This 750 was a beast, and it was tons of fun to drive. 
  • I never had an issue with traction. Sometimes I didn't even need it in 4 wheel drive. Mostly I kept it in 4 high, and I never needed 4 low.
  • The plow was wide enough so I could plow the entire driveway in two passes.
  • snowflake-o
    The heat rising from the engine would keep the cab nice and warm during those cold nights of plowing.


  • It's big so it's takes up a lot of room in the garage. Almost as much as a car.
  • You can't legally ride these things anywhere in the state of Massachusetts, other than your own property.
  • The cab enclosure would fog up while plowing, and it was a pain to zip yourself in and out. Every time I had to re-angle the plow was a chore.

Second Winter Back

After my first winter back I sold the UTV and I started looking for a quad. I couldn't find any deals so I went without a machine. Thankfully it didn't snow a lot, but I was still at a plows mercy during a few storms.

Every time it snowed I had to wait for the plow guy to show up, and it cost me $75.00 every visit. This was a good deal, but one storm he had to come three times. That was $225.00 alone.

During the worst storm he got stuck in my driveway and it took him 12 hours to get it un-stuck. He also hit and damaged my well. I didn't mark it off so I take full responsibility. 

Nobody know my fireway but me, so this will be my only winter relying on somebody else.

Final Winter Back (This Winter 2018)

quad with snow plow

I picked up this Kawasaki 750 Brute Force For $4,500

I've had to use this to plow during three storms already, and I have no regrets. This thing is a beast. The plow is not as wide as my UTV, so it takes me 4 passes to move the snow.

This video shows how good of a job the quad did plowing the snow, and how long my driveway is.

What Not To Get

A lawn tractor will not work in this situation. Most lawn tractors aren't 4 wheel drive and the width of the plow would make it a long project. However, if you have a short driveway it may work fine.

A snow blower would have been a bad idea as well. It would have taken me forever.

Every Man & Women Should Have A Quad Or A UTV


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