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Mike AnnableChief Product Officer

Original founder of Showroom Logic. In 2014 we were the 26th fastest growing company in the US. Soon after that I sold some of my shares and moved back to Massachusetts from Miami. I love the challenge of developing new things and concepts around the internet and digital marketing. I use this website as my playground.

Moe was born and raised in Miami. He the guy with the degrees and the military experience. He handles all of the legal, accounting and he manages sales for the company. Moe was one of my original partners in Showroom Logic, and we're partners in another company called ROI Detective. 

Moe IzadpanahManaging Partner
Bri Rajput Chief Architect

Bri leads the architecture, development, cloud infrastructure, system security, and the product engineering. He runs a team of over 70 people in India. His team is the backbone of all that we do. From building apps to creating new technology, these guys and girls are capable of anything. 


No Bullshit

Tired of your business phone ringing with VC backed companies trying to sell you digital services? I can help. If I promise you something and it doesn't work, you get what you paid me back. It's that simple. My process works.