Wareham MX Motocross Track Directions

By mike | Wareham

Dec 02

Today was my first time there. My 5 year old grandson was racing for the first time. He was very excited.

The event was called the “Woodsocross”, held at Wareham MX in Wareham, Massachusetts.

The first race of the morning started at 9:00am, which was my grandsons.

It was great to see the little kids out there, boys and girls. I can’t help but to respect the parents because this sport can be expensive. But at least their kids aren’t sitting around playing X-Box all day.

Thankfully someone opened up the track in Wareham so kids and adults can have a place to ride. It’s not all racing, they have open riding days as well where you can just go ride.

Driving Directions To Wareham MX:

They don’t have an actual address listed. The entrance is near the old Benny’s near a pet store. You have to go through a little trailer park to get there. It’s literally in the middle of Cranberry Bogs. Simply follow the red line.

Directions To Wareham MX

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Please drive slow through the trailer park, I’m sure they get annoyed at the traffic coming through there on event days.

Interactive Map:


There have been a few noise complaints from local hags but otherwise things are going good here. There will always be people upset over other people having family and fun time. Motocross is a family sport.

The Wareham MX doesn’t have much of a website, but they do occasionally post on Facebook.



Wareham MX Facebook Page


There’s also many Wareham MX YouTube Videos out there created by riders. Here’s just one of them:

Here are a few photos I took of today’s event.

Wareham MX Woodsocross Photos

Marcus wearing his GoPro

He even has his Go Pro mounted on his helmet.

Little Marcus

Little Marcus awaiting the start with his dad coaching.

Off to the races

The bigger kids went first. The little ones had to wait about 60 seconds before they could go.

Wareham MMX Track

The staff and volunteers did a great job with this track. This is only the part you can see. It’s goes through the woods a few miles.


The Sweeper

They had a good staff that patrolled the entire track to ensure safety and issues. They are referred to as sweepers.

Little girl motocross crash

This little girl fell after rounding a corner as concerned spectators look on. Nobody like to see a 5 year old fall over.

little girl motocross rider

She got right back up, see appeared unphased. High five to her awesome parents!

the incident

Sadly little Marcus’ bike seized up half way through the first lap. They had to go out and rescue him. This is how they brought him back

Marcus was very upset

Marcus was very upset when he came back. He was looking forward to this race all week.

Playing with his trucks

He got over it after about 5 minutes. Now he’s playing in the dirt with his little monster truck


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