How To Spot An ATM Skimmer Device

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Aug 06

These days everywhere we go there are thieves trying to rip us off. It’s good practice to do the wiggle test to any ATM machine to check for skimming devices.

The person who found this was asked how hard he had to pull. He replied “Pretty hard actually, and I broke me the skimmer getting it off as you can see. Everyone in the store thought I was nuts.”

Various ATM Skimmers

ATM Skimmer

ATM Skimmer

Keypad Skimmer

ATM Skimmer Gif


Here is a video of a man who found an ATM Skimmer while vacationing

Gas Station Skimmers

Gas Station Skimmer

Crooks also install skimmers inside a gas pump. In this case it would be impossible to spot. The best thing to do is inspect the pump and ensure the seal hasn’t been broken.

Gas Pump Security Seal

So it’s important to know what to look for





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