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Jul 24
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I have been saying these for many years, especially since Pre-Roll started with Google. There’s nothing worse than getting a commercial slammed down your throat, and people hate that. It may work for movie trailers and viral type videos, but rarely will anything else pay off. It’s a huge waste of money.

I have a client in California that is a Chevrolet Dealer. On every single new and used vehicle detail page they have an embedded YouTube Video of the vehicle. To be clear, these aren’t commercials. They are simply a YouTube Video of a walkaround of the particular vehicle.

This made me immediately think of two things:

  1. How much is this costing them?
  2. How much time is involved?

I dug a little deeper and looked at each video on YouTube so I could see the view count. It was practically non-existent.

Car Dealer YouTube Videos

Note that this video was published a little over 1 year ago. So in an entire year, it was only watched 83 times. This traffic count accounts for all traffic, not just the vehicle detail page.

So, I had an idea. I’m going to start tracking who watches these, and where they came from.

How To Track Embedded YouTube Videos

Using a mixture of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we can set-up events to trigger every time a certain action is made. So we are going to track 4 things:

  1. How many times a video was displayed.
  2. How many times a visitor clicked the play button.
  3. How many times a visitor clicked the pause button.
  4. How many visitors watch the video to the end.

Month to date, these are the numbers:

Measuring Embedded YouTube Videos with Google Tag Manager

These videos were displayed over 1,500 times, but only 24 visitors clicked the play button. 16 of those people stopped the video and not one single person watched the video to the end.

So before you take the time and/or money investment into embedded YouTube Videos on your website, ask yourself if what you do warrants it. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Take the time to tag these videos properly so you can reap the benefits from YouTube itself, like this dealer did:

Park Auto Mall

I started this YouTube Channel 7 years ago for a car dealer in Tampa, and as of today it has 2,528,898 views.

This dealership was sold last year, but they reaped the benefits of free. Yes, it took them time but not one of these video were paid for in any way. It was a huge success for them.

Here’s an example of their goofy yet effective videos:

This was lots of fun and we were even featured on an episode of a reality show because of it.

In conclusion, be careful with video advertising on the internet. It’s not that effective for most industries.


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