How To Download Auction Insights In New Google Adwords Dashboard

By mike | Google

Jun 28

Yesterday I was suprised by Google with the anticipated upgrade to the new interface of Google Adwords. I’ve been playing around with it, but it took me a while to navigate around.New Auction Insights

I believe in creating killer monthly reports for my clients, and one thing I always include is an auction insights report compared to the previous month. This particular client is a car dealer in California, so they’re brick and mortar.

There’s still some time before the end of the month but it took me some time to find the download button. When you first login to the new interface, the insights will be displayed at the bottom of the overview tab. You can easily sort by all of the typical insights columns, but I couldn’t find the data to download that shows more. I need to download these into excel.

When I clicked the three dots it’s just Google asking me “Help improve Overview pages. Was this information useful?”

So after poking around I found it.

You have to click the “keywords” tab on the left.

How To Download Auction Insights From Google Adwords

Click the keywords tab on the left, then click “more”.


Download Auction Insights In New Google Adwords
You will see auction insights appear.

Auction Insights

Typically I hate new things but I’m sure I’ll grow to like this new interface.


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