Using Keyword Clouds For Stubborn Google AdWords Clients

By mike | Paid Search

May 28

Most of my Google Paid Search Clients (Google Adwords) are still car dealers. I just can’t seem to break away from that vertical. It’s really tough to prove your worth because ultimately all they care about is leads and sales. This is where keyword clouds can help.

You can go on and on about CTRs, CPCs and so on, but they don’t care. Well, it’s not that they don’t care. They just don’t understand. The main decision maker is the General Manager, and these people’s jobs are on the line every single month. There’s a lot going on at a new car dealership. Sales, service and parts are the main three. The GM has to find the right people to run each of these departments.

I know GMs are busy, so I make my reports as detailed as possible when I send them out. I carefully listen to what is most important to them.

Since I added word clouds to my monthly reporting it has helped me in a big way. It’s almost like a made a children’s book with lots of photos.

Overall Keyword Word Cloud From Google Adwords

Google ADwords Keyword Cloud

This shows the actual keywords people clicked from. The bigger the word. the more often it was searched.

I actually use this as well. It’s a great way to find negative keywords, especially if I use broad match modifiers. For example, if bid on the keyword +ford +dealer they will show up for “shitty ford dealer”, “free ford dealer” and thousands of others.

I have a list of several hundred negative keywords that I always start my campaigns with. About 70% of them are really bad words. Like the worse words you can imagine. Words my mom taught me never to say.

New Make Model Keywords Word Cloud

I can go deep into any campaign or ad group and pull keyword clouds. This keyword cloud is from the new Ford Make/Model campaign, which clearly shows what is most popular. This is great data for the dealership because they can use it for other advertising sources.

New Make Model Word Cloud

Did you notice many typos? Welcome to reality!


From looking at this cloud, I found a few more words to add to the negatives:

  1. sync
  2. ivcp
  3. bluetooth
  4. bra
  5. module
  6. keyless
  7. lifted
  8. switch

You may wonder why I would use these as negative keywords? It’s simple, that’s use bluetooth for example. Someone who is searching for that is probably looking for instructions on how to use it. A typical car dealership’s website will not have that information. After a quick lookup the keyword was “2016 ford f3 50 steering wheel bluetooth volume switch“, and that one click cost $5.72. These add up, that’s why you can’t “set and forget”.


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