Men Of Facebook Are From Mars, Women From Facebook Are From Venus

By mike | Facebook

May 18

Facebook Battle Of The SexesIf you think about it, Facebook is the only digital marketing source that truly knows the gender of their users. Just take a look at your friends and you will see that men are labeled men, and women are labeled woman.

With Facebook Ads, you can use this to your advantage.

If you’re running one campaign right now, I’m sure you worked hard to focus on killer targeting. I also hoped you are setting up conversions to track these visitors.

Let me give you a tip. Log on to your Facebook Ads and duplicate your existing campaigns. Edit each and target men only in one, then woman only in the other. Bes ure to use a different UTM parameter for each so you can study the data. It’s very important that you make the two unique. Here is an example:

For Women: 

For Men: 

Note that the URL’s look identical except for the very last part? I added codeword “eve” for women, and “adam” for men. You could simply put Men or women, but it may freak people out if they notice. These are called UTM parameters and this extra data in the URL is pushed back into Google Analytics so you can look at each type separately.

Now I will build two custom segments in Google Analytics. One for men, and one for women. I can then study each and decide if one of them is giving me a good return on investment.

Facebook Battle Of The Sexes

I just did this early yesterday morning. Using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio (All Free) I set-up this report. I will follow up with cool data next week. If you don’t, remind me in the comments.



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