My Friend Thought The Lorem Ipsum Text I Used On Her Website Was Italian

By mike | Web Design

May 07

Do You Know What Lorem Ipsum Is?

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, et eum deleniti gloriatur, quis luptatum mandamus an eum. No rebum oblique mel. Sea nostro aliquip maluisset ea. No cum unum animal meliore, ad vero postea pri, no eos ridens adipisci comprehensam.

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In case you don’t, it’s what we use for text until the real content is available. It feels up the website so we can see how it looks. So apparently Shirley never heard of it, and she texted me this just a few minutes ago:

She thought it was Italian. She made me laugh, but for the record, she gave me permission to tell this story and share the text!

I Also Played A Harmless Trick On Her (because she’s my friend)

Top Line with Shirley HernandezKnowing that Shirley would wake up this morning and look at what I did overnight, I played a little joke on her. Back in 1988, she was in a really bad movie called Top Line. The movie was legit though, and it even had George Kennedy in it. After years of knowing Shirly, one night she says “Oh, by the way. I was in a movie with George Kennedy back in the eighties”. For some reason, she’s very embarrassed about it. It took me weeks to get her to tell me the name of the movie.

When I finally got it out of her I searched for it and found nothing but poor quality clips. I was persistent and found out where to buy the DVD online.  So I bought it and surprised her with it. We actually watched it together, and it really wasn’t that bad. It was entertaining.

Sometime last year for whatever reason I looked for it again, and I found the whole movie on youtube. So I embedded it on one of her pages, knowing she would see it. Long story short, she wasn’t very happy about it. I removed the link from her site, but I kept it live so you can see it here. I set it to autoplay when she first appears.

Top Line Movie

I knew Shirley from my days living in Miami, Florida. She was the best massage therapist in the area. She is a single mother of 4 kids, two of which are still young.

Massage Therapy is very competitive in her area, which is Hollywood. A couple of weeks ago she asked me to make her a website. She had received many quotes for thousands of dollars to build one. These VC-backed companies were trying to sell her the world, including monthly SEO Services. If you are a new website, don’t ever pay for this. Just do it right off the gate and you have to let time take its course.Seriously, it takes several months to get fully indexed in search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

Seriously, it takes several months to get fully indexed in search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. It takes even longer to rank for good keywords thanks to spammers who ruined it for us all.

So around 11:00 PM last night Shirley texted me and again asked about making her a website. I told her if she was ready and serious, to go ahead and purchase a domain name and hosting. I recommended a few hosting companies for her to select from. I am not an affiliate of any hosting company, so there’s nothing in it for me.

Surprisingly she did just that, and she caught me at the right time. I started building it right away, and by the time she woke up she had a fully functioning website. She still needs to provide me with a lot of content, and I used a lot of Lorem Ipsum to fill it up.

Once she gives this to me, she is ready to roll. We will add this website to Google My Business and Yelp. This will carry her until she is indexed and starts ranking in her area.

If you are interested in getting a website, take it seriously start small. Keep your website simple as well, just focus on what you are trying to sell. Shirley wants to start blogging as well, but I told her until she has 3 posts written it doesn’t make sense to launch the blog. It would look empty.

The website is live and still being edited, so you can watch it in action at


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