What Does Banner Blindness Have To Do With Pamela Anderson?

By mike | Display Advertising

Apr 10

What Is Banner Blindness?

What does Pam Anderson have to do with marketing? Not much but this photo is perfect to explain how the eye studies work on internet users, and how accurate they can be.

Pam Anderson Eye Tracking Study


Banner Blindness probably happens to us all when we’re online. We are swamped with ads everywhere we go. I’ve probably seen hundreds of display ads today, but I can’t think of one that I noticed. This is why I’m not a big fan of internet display advertising. Anyway, this small image shows an eye study from a website. They tracked users eye movements and notice they totally skipped the banner? Technically it wasn’t even an ad, it was the actual header image of their website.

This is very important when it comes to your website design. If you make it too fancy, people won’t even notice what you’re trying to say…or sell. Remember, people are coming to your website for information. Forget trying to impress them. Get them to fill out a lead form or call after they look at the information you’re providing.

Let’s say you’re a painting contractor. If someone looking to have their home painted visits your website, they are looking for information. So the most important thing is to have the phone number clear on every page, along with a contact us link.

An “about us” page wouldn’t hurt, and a page gallery of the work you have done. This is all they’ll be looking for. Don’t waste your time or money having more than 5 pages, unless you plan on blogging.


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