ROI Detective: Taking ROI & Analytics To The Next Level

“ You'll be disappointed to learn that up to half the website traffic you get are ghosts. They don't exist.”
  • Google Analytics: Set-Up for your business. Measure everything including conversions. One-time setup and it's yours forever.
  • Google Tag Manager & Data Studio: Report what you thought was un-reportable. One-time setup. No Monthly Fees. Measure Everything.

Do You Want To Smoke Your Competition?

Google Analytics: 

Analytics has to be customized for your type of business. We set-up custom dashboards to help you measure the unthinkable when it comes to your digital presence. Don't spend another penny until you do this, or you good waste thousands of dollars on ineffective advertising.
Real Time Test

Google Tag Manager: 

The coolest thing since slices bread, Google Tag Manager can do many things to help you supercharge your analytics. Now you can measure mobile phone call clicks, scroll depth tracking of your users, video engagement and more. Most importantly, you can source each action. This will help you spend advertising wisely, and give you the edge over your competition.

Google Tag Manager

Reporting With Google Data Studio: 

One of Google's newest products, Google Data Studio is a powerful reporting platform where you can build custom, easy to read performance dashboards. Now we can pull data from Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Adwords (Paid Search) and more. What matters most to you? We'll build it, and you an easily monitor and understand everything.

Google Data Stdio Report

The ROI Detective Platform 

Now you can measure return on investment to the penny by properly sourcing your customers that don't submit contact forms or call you. Using the exclusive filters, you can learn how you customers actually shop and take your business to the next level.

ROI Detective

Helping small, medium and large businesses measure their digital footprint since 1994.


No Bullshit

Tired of your business phone ringing with VC backed companies trying to sell you digital services? I can help. If I promise you something and it doesn't work, you get what you paid me back. It's that simple. My process works.

Mike Annable CPO

I do not believe in long term contracts, it's bad for small businesses. That's how technology companies make their money these days. If a company insists on a contract, that means they are questioning the effectiveness of their product.


Blogging Can Be A Great Way To Get Traffic & Backlinks To Your Website. You just need lots of patience. Last year I wrote an article about clearing up my green koi pond, and it now gets passed around in Koi Pond forums.

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